I like to dabble in many different arts and crafts. Sewing is a skill that I rarely use, because I only know the basics. I’m no expert seamstress, but can I work with simple projects.

When I am making items to be stuffed, I use Poly-Fil Polyester Fiberfill. This synthetic fiber filling is soft and fluffy, so it works great for any stuffed crafts such as dolls, plush animals, and pillows. I have used it in the felt crafts I make at Christmas as well.

This product holds its shape over time and is laundry-safe. Poly-Fil is the best-selling polyester fiberfill in the United States for a reason — you are getting quality with this product. Try it out sometime and let us know how it goes!

Here are some of the projects I’ve stuffed with Poly-Fil:

If you’d rather use a natural material and you’re willing to pay a little more, wool stuffing is another option that many crafters enjoy.