Santa has outdone himself again this year! He sent my daughter this package around the end of November. It was mysteriously left on the fireplace for her to find right after Thanksgiving. Last year, our elf Darcy came to visit us at Christmas for the first time to help my daughter remember to behave in order to stay on Santa’s nice list but she is pretty well behaved even without Darcy’s daily help.  I had often wondered if Darcy was able to get between our house and the North Pole each night quickly enough. So this year, Santa and his sweet little elves came come up with a brilliant invention that ensured that Darcy could quickly and safely travel between our home and the North Pole without any problems. Santa even told his elves that they could share their secret with me about how they made this magical little door to help all of the Christmas elves travel between their child’s home every night.


Now the door is just a simple wooden door until you add some magic dust from Santa. That is what makes this door work properly. Our magic dust arrived in the package along with a letter from Santa explaining that the door needed to have this magic dust sprinkled onto it to make it work. So if you have not not received a special package at your home, fret not, you can also make a little Christmas door for your elf to help them have a quicker and safer journey each night to the North Pole.


Mini Fairy Door about 8 to 12 inches tall

Acrylic paints – Red, White

Wide and small flat brush

Medium and fine tip round brush

Gold enamel paint

Paint thinner

2 mini Christmas trees

1 mini Christmas wreath

E6000 glue



I took a trip to the arts and crafts store to find the supplies the elves said were needed to make a magic door. So if you end up making your Christmas elf their very own little door, you will first start by finding a small door or making one out of wood and tiny nails. Then you will need to smooth it by sanding the rough edges before any paint can be applied. This door I found at Hobby Lobby in the unfinished craft wood section. Now I know this door is actually made for fairies but if elves are anything like fairies then I am sure it will work perfectly for them too.


First you will paint the door red with acrylic paint or craft paint. If the paint is thin you may need to apply more than one coat however with acrylic paint I only needed one.


After you finish painting the door, the outside wall will need about two coats of white paint using your wide flat brush. Take care to paint in the cracks as well.


When you have finished using the acrylic paints, it is time to move onto the gold trim. I chose to use an enamel paint so that the gold luster would be just as beautiful as the real gold paint used at the North Pole. It only took one even coat with a small brush. The wood soaks up the paint quickly but be sure not to overload your brush with this paint too much because it is very thin. Make sure that when you are working with enamel paints that you work with an open window or in a well ventilate room because it has harmful fumes. You will need to use a paint thinner to clean your brush out when you finish using the gold paint.


Now for the evergreen foliage, You can find some cute mini Christmas trees and a wreath from a craft store to help make the door have more Christmas cheer.


Use a bit of E6000 clear craft glue to glue down the wreath and the trees so they stay firmly in place then allow them an hour to dry. After your glue has set, it is ready to be placed somewhere in a safe place. Then sprinkle some magic dust and your elf will thank you for your hard work. Our magic dust looked as if it were made with some magical white sandy dust with some shiny glittery flakes of gold, green and red.


Here is our elf Darcy sitting next to her very own door. Looks very similar to the other one I was able to make. I cannot tell the difference between the two! As you can see here, Darcy is wearing a little skirt I made for her last year using some felt, sequins, glue and ribbon. She came back with it on so I guess she liked it! I need to make her another one this year. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Not only is it cute, but is is also so simple to make and your child will love it!