If you have worked with watercolor paints before then you know just how transparent it can be. There is a certain thought process that an artist needs to go through when working with a medium such as watercolors that requires a bit of layering. Because watercolor painting is such a loose wet medium, it tends to travel across the surface more so than a thicker paint would such as acrylic paint. In order to create barriers for this wet medium, liquid masking or frisket can be used. This material is made from a liquid latex that is tinted with a slight yellow pigment. When you apply it to your surface, it will block any water based paint from getting into that area. Liquid masking can be used on a number of surfaces such as paper, board, wood, metal, glass, leather and ceramics.

Watch my video demonstration below as I show you how to apply the masking fluid to my watercolor paper to create a simple yet beautiful snowflake. If you enjoyed this video or if you would like to see me do another demonstration with some other art tool or medium, please leave me a comment below.