I love to draw with a fine tip pen all of the time. When I create a drawing worth making into a final piece of art, I usually start in pencil then I like to outline it in pen. I picked up a Speedball pen holder and some artist nibs so that I could try out some drawing techniques with them. I was curious as to how fine and precise of a line I could get with this type of drawing tool that I had never used before. I wanted to know if I had the same control as I did when using a regular fine tip art pen.

As I worked with the pen for the first time, I started with making some standard sketching lines, curved lines and cross hatch lines to get a feel for the tool. I was surprised as to how fine and precise of a line I could create with this pen. I loved the way the nib actually glided across the paper and had very little drag. I would recommend picking up a Speedball pen set and trying it out for yourself. The pen and the nibs were under $10 so the investment is not much for this new type of drawing media. I also picked up a bottle of black Higgins ink as well. Check out my video demonstration below and give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it!