Using items around the home to create art is such a fun and innovative process. The planning and ideas seem to come flooding in when you discover an alternate use for something just lying around. I like to keep a stack of old magazines in my studio for this purpose, fashion magazines to be more precise. The advertisements and fashion spreads seem to always have such vibrant colors in the backgrounds and the clothing can usually have some interesting patterns.

For this tutorial, I am using magazine clippings and cutting them into tear drop and circle shapes and then I arrange them to create a flower or vine pattern. After the design is laid out, I will secure the pieces with matte medium.


Colorful magazine clippings

8 x 10 in. colored paper

8 x 10 in. cardboard backing (if your paper is not at least 140 lb. thickness)


Old flat brushes, small and large

Container for medium

Matte Medium diluted with water 50/50

Mod Podge