Once I discover an art supply that I enjoy, I try to use it in as many future projects as possible. Mod Podge is one of those products that I keep it on hand for any arts-and-crafts project that requires a sealer and glue. I have been using the glossy version of Mod Podge in my own projects, but I would like to try out other Mod Podge variants.

The video below goes over a few projects in which I have used Mod Podge. I enjoy using scrapbook papers in my crafts because there are so many colors and patterns to choose from. Luckily, Mod Podge works with scrapbook papers like a dream!

Fun fact: Mod Podge is the special glue that people use to preserve completed jigsaw puzzles. Ever wonder why the bottle is so groovy? Well, this product has been around since 1967.

Mod Podge collection photo by Stacie of Stars for Streetlights.

Stacie from Stars for Streetlights took a photo of her Mod Podge collection.

The glue is a thick, water-based liquid that dries clear and creates a nice bond. Mod Podge is very similar to Elmer’s Glue. It works as a finish and a sealer (but the main variety is not waterproof). You can apply multiple layers, and it also adheres to multiple surfaces such as wood, paper, photos, and cardboard. Mod Podge can even be sanded down, if you need to.

The Mod Podge line has many different types of glues worth trying out, such as Fabric Glue, Hard Coat, Extreme Glitz, Sparkle, Glow in the Dark, Outdoor, Satin, Antique Matte, Paper, and Brushstroke. Pretty much any craft idea you have, Mod Podge can make your project easier!