Gel Pens

Gel pens have become a great drawing tool to keep around the art studio. A gel pen is is made of ink suspended in a water-based gel and housed in a standard pen tube. The tip is the same as a roller ball tipped pen. The gel inks are thick and opaque so they have the ability to show up on a dark paper. Some artists use them for writing, doodling and lettering but other artists are using them to embellish their artworks. There are many colors of gel pens that can range from the standard colors of the rainbow, pastel, neon, metallic, opalescent, glitter as well as white inks. Because these pens come in such a large array of colors and finishes, the possibilities are endless. There are several brands of gel pens, however Gelly Roll brand gel pens were the first. Gelly Roll was manufactured in 1984 by Sakura, the same Japanese company that also makes the amazing Sakura Pigma Micron Pens that I use in my art for line work.

2016-03-14 12.19.22

Art by Yoyo Ruiz

Fellow artist and friend, Yoyo Ruiz loves to use gel pens to add dimension and beauty to her art pieces. Her preferred brand to use is also Gelly Roll. She likes to use gel pens to add tiny white highlights in her art on the faces and in the eyes. She uses other colors and finishes to other pieces as well. Check out more of her art here.

2016-03-14 11.54.11

Art by Yoyo Ruiz

2016-03-14 12.21.17

Art by Yoyo Ruiz








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  1. Dino

    Hello. I see nowadays there are a lot of gel pen sets with enormous number of pens but all of them have large percentage of glittering, neon, metallic etc. Please can You advice me where I might find the set with biggest number of classical gel pens (without metallics and the rest). Or is it possible to by gel pens by piece somewhere?

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