For all of you artists out there, we are faced with the annoying task of trying to find a great sketchbook or drawing paper for small projects and project planning. I have found that a lot of drawing pads have paper that tends to be too thin when I am working beyond pencil drawing and sketching. Canson Mix Media Pad is a thicker, heavier weight paper that is great for a number or mediums like pen, marker, acrylics and light watercolors. It also comes with 60 sheets for many project uses.

I should be specific when recommending watercolors for this paper. It is great for using watercolors on this paper when it is being used for smaller projects that do not require a heavy wash. That should be a no brainer when looking at the thickness of the paper. However, I have recently used it for a few paintings and I was very pleased with the outcome. Check out the demo video below where I use 6 different types of media on the Canson Mix Media paper and see how the results turn out.

The paper is also ideal for acrylic paint, pen, ink, and markers too. The thickness will stand up to different mediums and also has a great texture to help the materials adhere to the surface. I think this paper is great to use for a number of projects that requires something heavier than a drawing paper weight. For the budget conscious artist, this medium weight paper is great for a number of projects.

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