Have you ever wondered how to create such fine, precise lines in a drawing? In order to have those fine details in your work, you will need an artist quality pen. Sakura Pigma Micron Pens are amazing fine tip pens that come in different line thicknesses.

Artists, illustrators and writers have been using Sakura Pens to create their work for decades. They are so accurate and consistent that the finest of details can be created with these pens. Sakura Pigma Mircon Pens are waterproof so they work very well with other mediums such as markers, paints and watercolor. They create a smooth consistent line unlike many other pens on the market. The pen’s ink will last a very long time as well.

For those of you who are familiar with specific art techniques, they are great for outlining, sketching, cross hatching and stippling. These pens have the ability to create heavy bold shadows as well as the finest of hairs. Micron Pens can also be purchased in various colored inks.


A starter set of black pens in three assorted tip sizes can be purchased for under $10. Every artist should have at least a set of Micron Pens in their studio.