Working in pen is beautiful and fun. I tend to work a lot quicker with pens than a lot of wet media. Staedtler makes a fine tip pen set that comes in ten colors. The set includes: pink, red, yellow, orange, lime green, dark green, turquoise, dark blue, brown and black. The fine tips measure 0.3 mm in size. Staedtler pens come in a plastic snap together container that also converts into a stand if you wish to prop up the set while you work. The pen shaft is triangular so it makes it easy to grip in your hand as well.

One great selling point that Staedtler brags about these pens is that they do not dry out over time when the cap has been left off. I will attest that these pens can last for such a long time. I have used mine over the years (I’ve had mine for at least 7 years now) and when I feel the need to use them on a piece, they are just like new every time. Working for hours has not made them dry out either. One thing you must know about this product is that they are not waterproof so keep that in mind when you use them near wet media. I would highly recommend these pens for your fine art work. You will be happy to make the investment. If you enjoy these pens, there is also a larger set available as well.