The Sharpie brand has been around for a very long time. I’m sure that most of you have at least one black Sharpie marker in your desk drawer at home. These dependable markers work well on many surfaces including paper, tape, cardboard, glass, plastic, ceramics, fabric, wood, and metal.

Sharpie '80s Glam set

Sharpie not only makes wonderfully durable markers in black, but they also make over thirty colors to choose from as well. The ’80s Glam set of twenty-four fine-tip markers is a great addition to your home or art studio. They come in handy for numerous art projects, including labeling, sign-making, and kids’ crafts.

I love the bold colors and the long-lasting ink. Sharpie drawings hold up and do not fade over time either. I enjoy using these markers for cartooning and illustration. Sharpie markers also work very well on glass and clear plastic surfaces, making them great for transparent art such. Think of sun catchers, faux stained glass, and DIY Shrinky Dinks.

Do yourself a favor and get a set of Sharpie ’80s Glam assorted fine-tip markers for all of your colorful project needs. You will not regret it. If you have kids, they will love them too!

colorful 80s Glam Sharpie markers

Header photo by Colleen.