Polyform Air Dry Clay

Polyform Model Air Modeling Clay is an air dry clay made by the Sculpey company that dries within 24-48 hours. When dry, it can be decorated with acrylic paints or permanent markers. This clay comes in white and terra cotta. Check out the video demo where I make a few craft projects using Polyform Model Air clay.



I found that using this clay is best for quick and simple projects as well as pressing into molds. The clay dries more quickly than the package states making projects ready more quickly so if you work fast or you are working with simple details, it is a great clay. While working with it, I found it started to dry in about 10 minutes. You can dip your finger tip in water and rub it along the surface to help keep it moist but a dab of water really goes a long way. After the clay dried, I was able to use a fine grade sand paper and work over some of the surface to smooth out any bumps or imperfections. The clay takes acrylic paint very well too. I would highly recommend this product for children as well. It would be great for home sculpting art fun or used in school projects and dioramas.

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  1. Do you have terra cotta paint to cover object in terra cotta sculpture?

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