For me, working with paints tends to be generally focused on smoother surfaces. But what if it wasn’t? If you want to try a different approach to your art, try using a more textured surface instead. If this is something new to you, it helps push you into unknown areas of art to explore and you may find that you enjoy. When I do something out of my comfort zone, I discover new techniques that I can bring into my other styles of art. I decided to try working with Golden Extra Heavy Gel Medium and see what I could create with it.


Golden has been one of the leading artist brands that carry a large number of products from paints to mediums to varnishes. Golden Extra Heavy Gel Medium is what I have in my studio. The body is very thick and heavy so it holds its shape when it dries. It is latex based like other acrylics so that means that it can be mixed with your paints. It is water based as well so clean up is easy. These gel mediums are white, but when dry, they become transparent. A small amount can be mixed with acrylic paints to make the paint thicker without altering the color or you can choose to add a small amount of paint to a lot of gel medium to create a more transparent color.


Here is one example of how you can create a very heavy texture when working with Golden Extra heavy gel medium. Notice how the lines and indentations are very deep and will show the texture when you use a dry brush technique to brush across the top of the peaks. This was applied with a palette knife. You can use a wire brush, stamps or any other hard tool to create design into the gel medium when it is wet.


You can also use gel medium as a bonding agent when adhering objects into your art for a 3D effect. Here is what it will look like when it has dried. The surface can be painted after the gel has dried for 24 hours. When the paint is applied, it has a stucco look. Golden Extra Heavy Gel Medium is a great product to have on hand. Golden offers more mediums in their artist line that range from light to heavy, matte to glossy, depending on the technique and look you are going for.