Most people are familiar with felt fabric. As children we may remember our teacher having a board covered in felt and she would stick colorful felt shapes or objects to it for a fun learning activity. Felt has been a very common craft material that actually dates back centuries to many different cultures. Felt can be made from animal hairs and wool or it can be made synthetically.


Felt can be used for an infinite number of crafting and sewing projects. You can choose to glue it or stitch it together depending on the type of craft you are using it for. It is also relatively cheap so you can use it for larger projects too! I have used felt for a number of projects which include making Christmas stockings and ornaments, tiny top hats for parties and my paper mache sugar skulls, and also plush items such as an owl pillow and tiny felt donuts. Check out my tutorials on how to make a felt donut and how to make an owl plush pillow here.