Crayola is a name we all know and a brand that most of us have grown up with. When it comes to school supplies, children long for Crayola crayons over other lesser brands. Well Crayola has a pretty diverse product line in addition to crayons such as this interesting little thing I discovered some years back. If you have never tried Crayola Model Magic you need to! It is so fun to play with and you can get fairly creative with this stuff.

Crayola Model Magic is lightweight and has almost a fluffy foamy texture. It handles a bit like Play-Doh. It will dry when you leave it out so that your creations will hold their shape. Because this clay is very light in density, it does make it a bit fragile so be careful when planning your projects that involve tiny pieces. Crayola Model Magic comes in many colors and you also can mix them together to create even more colors. It has the ability to take acrylic paint as well as permanent marker and pen. I used a pen for the black outlines and details my Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters in the photo above. If you are an artist, you will enjoy playing with Crayola Model Magic. Children and parents will also enjoy it too. The possibilities are endless when you are creating art.