Design Your Own Vinyl Toys

What is cooler than custom painting your own toys? This newer form of artistic expression is taking over and landing in many galleries worldwide, some artists have had toys and collectibles made after their own artwork by popular demand. Well now you too can paint your very own vinyl toy.

There are a number of brands out there that you may be able to find at your local art supply store if you are lucky, but I have found quite a few diy vinyl toys on Amazon to help you get started. You can see for yourself how diverse and affordable they can be.

vinyl toy collage

Painting toys takes patience and a steady hand but seeing your artwork wrapped around a three dimensional object is interesting and also fun to display. I have started quite a toy collection in my art studio so these guys would fit in perfectly with the rest of the family. I made the one pictured above a few years back. It was some bear type of character that was small enough to be a key chain. I spent many hours painting tediously and came up with something totally different than expected of the initial shape of the figure. I like the way it turned out for my first try. I have two other figures in process that I need to finish so that I can display them as well. Try your hand at this fun and exciting new medium for artists both young and young at heart.

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  1. OMG this was sooo cute. NIce job on the adorable vinyls. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks!

    • Bre Tobias

      They were a lot of fun! If you can take the vinyl toy apart, it really helps to paint it much faster. I tried to paint one years ago without adding any layers of primer and it was difficult to get the paint to stick or blend well so I highly recommend that step! P.S. I bought this toy at Michaels around Halloween so they carry them too if you don’t want to order online.

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