For those of you who follow my art tutorials, you may have noticed that when I am using a spray paint for a project, my go to brand is Rustoleum 2x Ultra Coverage. Their paints are thick and they cover nicely in one to two coats. For projects around the home, I recommend this paint because it is just so awesome. I can run to the nearest hardware store and choose from a large selection of Rustoleum spray paint colors and pay under four dollars per can and it is totally worth it. Other than the great color selection, Rustoleum 2x Ultra Coverage spray paints are ideal for a number of surfaces. They can be used on cardboard, wood, ceramic, plastic, concrete, glass and metal just to name a few surfaces that I have tried myself. I was also able to find it in a gold color and it has such a beautiful luster! Check out some of the great projects that I have used Rustoleum Ultra 2X Coverage paint on. It works great on frames, paper mache crafts, glass bottles, and resin figurines. Buy a can today and find an object around your home and give it a quick and fabulous makeover!

Rustoleum paint collage