I love Prismacolor products. I own markers and pencils and I love every one of them. Prismacolor makes a watercolor pencil that is equally as beautiful as their ever popular colored pencils. The pigments are bright and when water is added to them, the color moves across the paper instead of staying in one place. This makes for some wonderful blending and when working with wet mediums.

rainbow tea cup

I use my Prismacolor watercolor pencils for more controlled paintings with detail. I like the way wet media blends but also I like how I can control where the colors go with a tip of a pencil for tighter and smaller details. First, start by coloring with the pencils on watercolor paper. Then add water with a brush onto each individual color, blending where the two colors meet if you desire that look. If you sweep a wet brush across more than one color, it will pull the first color across the second, making them mix together to make some interesting color blending. Try out these pencils using wet on dry techniques and see what you can invent. They are amazing and create beautiful art.