I recently bought a set of Painters Neon Paint Pens to try out. I figured paint pens would work well when I needed to do simple painting within the lines, and I could also use them for hand lettering. You’ll be glad to hear that I was very satisfied with the results! It can pay off to try new things.

Painters Neon Paint Pens are manufactured by Elmer’s, the same company that makes that iconic glue. We all remember using it in grade school! Elmer’s has been a trusted household brand for over half a century (as I’m sure they’d like me to tell you, haha). This is what the Neon Paint Pens look like:

Painters Neon Paint Pens, set of five

Painters Neon Paint Pens work much like regular paint and are compatible with many surfaces such as paper, canvas, wood, metal, ceramic, cloth, plastic, glass, and more. This particular set of paint pens come in five bright colors: neon blue, lime green, electric yellow, bright orange, and hot pink. The pigments are vibrant and the paint can be layered up to your desired amount of opacity.

Painters also carries more than twenty additional colors of paint pens if you want to add more to your collection. I highly recommend that you do! Painters Neon Paint Pens significantly sped up the process on some of my projects. Check back later this week to see my Sugar Skull Wood Painting Tutorial where I use Painters Neon Paint Pens to create a work of art on wood.

For now, here’s a demo of all those neon colors in action:

The Amazon reviews are somewhat mixed — not everyone loves the Painters Neon Paint Pens — but Cas Walker found an unorthodox use for them:

I’ve used these a lot and they’re very handy. I’ve got a lot of laptops that have hard to find headphone jacks. A little bit of neon green paint and everyone can quickly find the right jack. Same for the CD-eject buttons, network jacks and power plugs. Everything gets a bit of paint so first time users can quickly find what they need.

Nifty! They’re not just good for art!