If you prefer to work on paper but need a thicker, sturdier surface for your artwork, illustration board may be what you are looking for. Illustration board is a paper that is mounted onto a cardboard backing to give it more stability. Because of its thickness, it can stand up to wet media, no problem. Here is an example of a drawing done on hot press or smooth illustration board:

colorful drawing on hot press illustration board

Illustration board comes in both hot press and cold press. Hot press is going to be a smoother surface that works very well with fine lines and details, whereas cold press is more textured and also more absorbent, ideal for such media as watercolors. Here is my peacock watercolor collage done on illustration board:

peacock watercolor collage on illustration board

Illustration board can be purchased in a number of different thicknesses, depending on what your needs are. It can be sold in individual sheets, some of which can be quite large. If you wish to work on a smaller surface, illustration board can be cut down with a razor blade and a metal ruler.