The creative process seems to unfold for everyone differently. A lot of artists use music to inspire their work while for others, it may very well be quite the opposite. Terrell Brinlee creates a visual journey in the form of collage using paper, magazine clippings, paint and a giant board to help him through his song writing process. It is quite interesting to see how one specific type of art depends on the other when Terrell is creating.

Born in Louisana, Terrell Brinlee is a Christian singer/songwriter and artist that goes under the pseudonym “This Intangible Existence”. He currently resides about 35 miles north of Houston in a small town and he is a local friend of mine. He and I sat down to discuss his process for song writing and I learned how he uses visual queues that he mounts on an 8 foot sheet of styrofoam insulation appropriately named “The Board”. He works on The Board in his bedroom to reflect on life experiences, friendships, family, and religion that all help aid him in crafting each personal song. The Board is constantly changing, most every object is temporarily fastened to it to form patterns as a sort of visual map to help illustrate his thoughts and inspire him to move in the next direction of the song writing process. Check out the video below to get to know more about Terrell and find out more about This Intangible Existence’s music.

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