When I am making crafts instead of paintings I like to save my artist acrylic paints. When working on larger projects or with wood that absorbs a lot of paint, I prefer to use craft paints instead. Craft paints are cost efficient and come in a variety of premixed colors. There are many trusted brands, each with an extensive line of colors to choose from including metallic, glossy, glitter, neon and more.

The great thing about these paints is that not only do they come in small 2 oz. bottles but the more common colors including primary and secondary colors are also available in much larger 8 oz. bottles to offer more surface coverage. Because these craft paints are also acrylic, they clean up easily with water and also will last a long time and hold up fairly well in various weather conditions. You also can mix them with artist acrylics as well as latex paints if need be. These paints are a must have to keep around in your studio or workshop.