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Ebony Pencils

Ebony pencils are a wonderful artist tool. They areĀ used for sketching, drawing, layout or design work. They can be used with a gentle hand to get very light…


Workable Fixatif

Some artists use dry mediums such as chalk pastels and charcoals that offer great blending qualities but are quite messy. When an artist creates artwork with pastels or…

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Abstract Checkerboard Art

For this quick art tutorial, you will use some basic drawing techniques such as intersecting lines and a few circles to create this warped checkerboard drawing. The contrast…

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Wood Slices

It may seem obvious to those of you who follow my posts on Art Supply Guide that I have this love of painting on wood. The surface is…


Newsprint Paper

When artists are working out their ideas, sometimes they need to do many sketches. Planning out a drawing or painting may sometimes need correcting until they end up…

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Magazine Collage Tutorial

This was a very fun project for me. Working with collage was something I have done before but not quite like this. In this video tutorial, I am…

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How to Draw a Portrait of a Statue: Video Tutorial

This speed-drawing video shows you how to quickly sketch a statue portrait in pencil. I used Canson drawing paper with 2H, 2B, and ebony pencils. Enjoy!